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Our amazing cover story in Newsday!

Our amazing cover story in Newsday!

Valentina          Rose

Thank you to everyone who contributed their talent, time and heart

and to all those who came to witness and cheer the result. 

We’re most grateful and already looking ahead to spot aprons in the future.

Speaking of aprons, Diane Schwindt is looking to expand her collection.

If you have any that you’d like to contribute, please email us at ApronStringsProject@Gmail.com.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

 * * * * * *

Congratulations to our talented writers, whose scripts have created the tapestry of

“The Apron Strings Project”

 Esther Almazan – Richard Ballon – Bruce Clark - Allie Costa 

 Beverly Rivera Davis - Clete Galasso –  Kaela Mei-Shing Garvin  

 Stephanie Griffin - Melinda Iannuzzi - MacKenzie Jahnke 

 Anna Katsavos - Peter Lobo - Alison Lowenstein 

 Zakeya Monique - Liz Queler - Andrea Rockower 

 Jill Siler – Jeffrey Slevin - Jeffrey Fischer-Smith

 Joann Kobylenski Vollmer – Sarah Williams  

  * * * * * *

And to our spectacular and enthusiastic cast:

Bruce Clark – Cate Clifford – Gabrielle DeGaetano – Candice Dilavore - Erin Elizabeth 

Dhonna Goodale- Anna Katsavos – Bill Kitzerow – Dee Martin - Michael Horn – Toni Munna 

Deb Rothaug -Jill Siler – Jeff Slevin – Jody Sauer – Lena Trbojevic – Joann Vollmer – Marguerite Volonts

* * * * * *


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